A VIRTUAL reality café is giving customers plenty to scream about for Halloween.

GOVR café in London Road, Brighton, is offering brave customers four brand new virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Ranging in scariness, from the comically creepy to bloodcurdling and freaky, the VR games give customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in all things spooky.

But co-founder Mark Bou Mansour, 30, has warned that the experiences are not for the faint hearted.

He said: “Halloween is always fun. We are putting on several experiences that we have curated.

“We have family friendly experiences that aren’t too scary and then of course, we have some experiences, like the zombie experience, which is very scary.

“It is always fun to see people who are fans of horror movies have a go and horror VR and find it to be a whole other level of horror.”

As well as giving gamers the opportunity to take on vampires and werewolves, GOVR have gone into partnership with Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures, an immersive experience in Crowhurst Road in Hollingbury, to open two new VR rooms.

The new additions will be a hybrid between the VR experiences on offer at GOVR and the immersive theatre that the team at Philias Fogg’s World of Adventures specialise in.

Mr Mansour said: “The new rooms will be a bit of immersive theatre mixed with virtual reality.

“Each room is themed so from the moment you arrive at the room the staff members are in character and are ready to immediately immerse you in the narrative world.

“So essentially it’s an immersive reality experience within a virtual theatre.”

GOVR café has implemented Covid-secure measures and social distancing rules to ensure gamers stay safe this spooky season.

“Running a virtual reality place where you have to share headsets and controllers between people, we’ve always had a really strict hygiene system in place”, said Mr Mansour.

“We clean and quite heavily disinfect equipment anyway, but now we have taken this to the next level, using ultraviolet C light, a specific brand of ultraviolet light, that has been shown to kill germs and viruses.

“The ultraviolet light means that every part of the headset can be cleaned.”

The Halloween experiences are running until Sunday, November 1.

Find out more at govrbrighton.com