DOCTOR Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that it irritates him when fans call his character’s cloak of levitation a cape.

The 44-year-old has played the egotistical surgeon-turned-Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2016.

Speaking on Magic Radio for the Prince’s Trust Day on Thursday, he addressed confusion over his character’s item of clothing.

The actor, who attended Brambletye School in East Grinstead, said: “Of course it’s a bloody cloak. Everyone keeps on calling it a cape.

“I had it on the other day. It is such an amazing creation.

"Alex our costume designer on the first film made it, and she’s just extraordinary. It is so detailed and textured and rich.

“It really does feel sort of alive the way that it is in the film. It’s heavy. It’s a cloak, it’s definitely a cloak.”