AN ELECTRIC scooter was seized by police after tailgating cars and overtaking them at more than 30mph.

PC Glen McArthur of the Sussex Roads Policing Unit stopped the vehicle today after spotting the behaviour in Chichester.

He shared images of the e-scooter on social media at 2pm today, with a removals lorry visible in the background waiting to take it away.

A caption accompanying the image read: “(I have) just stopped the rider of this overtaking cars at more than 30mph and tailgating. (It has been) seized for (having) no insurance.”

The Argus:

This comes the day after police forces across Sussex warned they would seize e-scooters seen on the county’s roads.

A statement from Horsham Police read: “Thinking about buying an e-scooter as a Christmas present?

“Did you know they still remain illegal to use on public roads and can only be used on private land.

“Enjoy your shopping but remember they can be seized if seen ridden on the highway.”

E-scooters are also illegal on pavements and cycle lanes.