POLICE have put in place an action plan to quash racism at football matches.

Sussex Police made the announcement as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week, which ran between October 10 and 17.

The action plan aims to “help football clubs deal with any incidents of hate crime in the stands, including how to capture evidence”.

It is hoped this will empower stewards at grounds across the UK to take action against this behaviour, with support from police.

The plan has been adopted by both the English Football League and the Premier League.

Superintendent Rachel Swinney, Sussex Police’s lead for hate crime, said: “We understand the devastating impact hate crime has on its victims, but also the damaging effect it has on wider communities and the area as a whole.

“There is no place for hate in Sussex, and no place for it in football.

“We will continue working with clubs and communities across the county to spread that message and make Sussex a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.”