THE PANDEMIC has reportedly created a job crisis that will get 'much worse' as Christmas approaches, experts warn.

Analysis by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) has raised fears that well-off communities will be hit hard by the coronavirus recession.

Brighton will be one of the worst-hit areas in the country, with 7% of the population on benefits, according to the Mail Online.

The number of people on the dole has almost tripled since September 2019.

Economists predict that a million jobs will be lost across the country in the next nine weeks after the furlough scheme ends on Saturday.

The hardest-hit areas include Slough, Luton and Peterborough as well as affluent seaside resorts such as Brighton.

Josie Dent, managing economist at the Centre for Economics and Business Research said: “Brighton has struggled amid the pandemic, with the arts and entertainment, tourism and education sectors all being affected particularly badly.

"A recent report found that the city is in the top 20 towns and cities in Britain for insolvencies since the start of lockdown.

"This is reflected in the claimant count, which shows a high number of Brighton residents sadly losing their jobs amid this recession.

"Seaside towns in the UK have been hit by a decline in tourist visitor numbers, as restrictions have limited travel and households have been discouraged from mixing.”

According to the Mail Online, the alarming figures were drawn from Office for National Statistics data, which shows an increase in the claimant count in the 12 months to September 10.

The figure combines those claiming Universal Credit who are looking for work and those on the Job-Seekers' Allowance.

In the ten worst-affected areas there are 138,000 on out-of-work benefits – 75,000 more than before the pandemic.