EXPERTS have exposed the unhealthiest places to live in Sussex through an in-depth study.

Researchers from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) analysed each area's pollution levels, access to green space and more to find decide which areas in the county were the most and least healthy.

The availability of health services, such as GP surgeries and pharmacies, and the number of takeaways, pubs and gambling shops was also taken into account.

This data was displayed as an interactive map.

And the results were pretty damning on Brighton and Hove city centre, with much of the area being within the worst performing ten per cent of unhealthy places in the UK.

The Argus: The Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards map showed much of Brighton and Hove was in the redThe Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards map showed much of Brighton and Hove was in the red

How does the map work?

The map tracks a CDRC's health index - also known as Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards (AHAH).

It takes into consideration:

  • Retail environment (access to fast food outlets, pubs, off-licences, tobacconists, gambling outlets)
  • Health services (access to GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, leisure services)
  • Physical environment 
  • Air quality (Nitrogen Dioxide, Particulate Matter 10, Sulphur Dioxide).

Each of these factors is tracked and provides an overall AHAH score for that area.

The higher the score, the more unhealthy the area is.

More healthy areas are displayed in blue, while more unhealthy areas are displayed in red.

The Argus: The Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards map keyThe Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards map key

This is how different areas of Sussex scored in the Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards​ map

1. Brighton and Hove

The vast majority of the city centre is in the top ten per cent of the most unhealthy areas in the UK.

Some of the worst scores, of more than 40, were recorded in the area around the Brighton Clock Tower.

There were also high scores of more than 45 off Western Road in Hove.

This may be partly due to the high number of pubs and takeaways in these areas.

Also, a study by Friends of the Earth this year claimed the area around Brighton Clock Tower was the third worst location in England for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

Further away from the city centre, areas such as Portslade and Patcham received lower AHAH scores of about 20, placing them within the fifth worst performing decile.

More rural areas on the outskirts of the city such as Woodingdean were some of the healthiest in the UK, being placed within the best performing decile.

The Argus:

2. Horsham

It is a different story in Horsham, with much of the town in blue or grey - the top 40 per cent of the healthiest places in the UK.

Most AHAH scores were less than 20.

Some of the town centre areas were in the fifth decile on the health index in the UK with scores reaching 21.5.

The Argus: The AHAH map for HorshamThe AHAH map for Horsham

3. Newhaven and Peacehaven

The people of Newhaven can celebrate some impressive scores in the CDRC's health index.

Almost all of the town was in the top half of the UK's healthiest areas.

The area to the west of the River Ouse, around the Hillcrest Community Centre, had one of the lowest scores in the country.

An AHAH score of 11.67 put it in the best performing decile.

In Peacehaven, there was far more yellow and orange on the map with most areas in the sixth and seventh deciles.

The highest score of 23.584 was recorded off the A259 near the junction with Gladys Avenue.

The Argus:

4. Lewes

Very few areas in Lewes were scored in the top half of the UK's unhealthiest places.

Most areas in the town were placed within the second, third and fourth deciles by the AHAH.

Only two town centre areas, one off High Street and the other further out of town off the A26 near the Cliffe Industrial Estate, were placed in the fifth and sixth deciles.

The Argus:

5. Eastbourne

There was a large variance displayed in the AHAH scores recorded in Eastbourne.

While areas on the outskirts were among some of the healthiest in the UK, large areas nearer the seafront and surrounding the pier were scored in the eighth and ninth percentile by the health index, making them some of the unhealthiest places in the country.

This may, again, be down to a greater number of pubs and takeaways in areas of the town which are catered towards visitors.

The Argus:

6. Crawley 

It is a similar story in Crawley, with the town centre largely being placed within the sixth, seventh and eighth deciles.

Here, there is a higher concentration of takeaways, tobacconists and gambling outlets, with less green space - all factors which will contribute to a higher AHAH score.

The Argus:

However, suburbs to the south of the town such as Broadfield and Bewbush received far lower scores, with areas being placed in the best performing decile.

View the full map HERE.