THERE will be no parade and fewer wreaths on Remembrance Sunday this year.

Brighton and Hove mayor Alan Robins said that the act of remembrance at the Old Steine war memorial would be reduced to minimal participants because of social distancing measures put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Usually, the Steine is filled with people as serving and former members of the Armed Forces and other uniformed organisations parade in front of the memorial.

This year, Councillor Robins said, there would be no parade, no road closures and no parking suspensions on the day of remembrance.

The Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Peter Field, will lay a wreath on behalf of the Queen, and Councillor Robins will do the same for the city and its citizens.

The chairwoman of the Royal British Legion in Brighton and Hove, Councillor Mary Mears, will lay a wreath on behalf of the Armed Forces, and Lieutenant Commander David Alcock will lay a communal wreath on behalf of all the service organisation and individuals who normally lay wreaths.

Councillor Robins said: “I’m really sorry about this but we’ve had many meetings with people.

“I thank Councillor Mary Mears for her help with that.

“It’s been really difficult to try to sort out the best way forward.

“But I think we have done the best we can under the circumstances.”

The remembrance service is due to take place on Sunday 8 November.