MORE than 70% of Gatwick residents think there should be a total night flight ban on aircraft at the airport.

Communities were given the opportunity to express their thoughts on how Gatwick Airport could tackle aircraft noise, as part of the first public consultation on the noise forums 2020/21 work plan.

Nearly 74% agreed that there should be a total night flight ban on arriving and departing aircraft, while 75% supported a reduced night-noise trial.

Almost 77% of residents said that the airport should provide an update on where arriving aircraft join the final approach.

Over 49% agree that the practice of flying over new areas when airspace is quiet should be stopped, as they have not been consulted.

However, over 30% disagree as they look to move noise away from their homes.

The survey by CAGNE, the umbrella aviation community and environment group, asked residents of Sussex, Surrey and Kent formalise the points they would like tackled.

In a short time-span of a few weeks, over 345 people responded to a draft plan.

The CAGNE committee said it hoped Gatwick management will listen to the community concern.

It said: "It was as a whole a positive exercise to undertake, to give everyone a chance of a voice in what affects them and whether they supported positive actions to work with the aviation industry to investigate if new ideas, new noise abatement procedures, could be identified. "We wanted to ensure that all residents were given a fair and balanced voice, due to the lack of geographical spread on the Gatwick noise forums currently.

"We hope that Gatwick management will take the results from this public consultation, and views of 28 town and parish councils and progress to ensure that they build back quieter and be a better neighbour to all communities than Gatwick has been since 2014."