A BRIGHTON teacher could be leaving Sussex behind after finding love on Channel 4’s Married at First Sight.

Michelle Jenkins, 25 from Hastings married Owen Jenkins, 31 from Sheffield after meeting for the first time at the altar.

While the couple spent time in Horsham and Brighton during the coronavirus lockdown, the newlyweds could now be looking to move away from the coast.

Michelle, who is a teacher at a primary school in Brighton, discussed the idea with her sister, Kat in Hastings, who branded the idea “ridiculous.”

The Argus: Source: Channel 4. Michelle Jenkins is a primary school teacher in Brighton.Source: Channel 4. Michelle Jenkins is a primary school teacher in Brighton.

“So you’re going up to Sheffield, moving in with someone who you’ve literally known for a month. Are you joking? That’s ridiculous.”

“It’s lovely, but it’s also ridiculous. It’s ludicrous behaviour. If I was to do that, you’d be like what the hell are you doing?”

During a picnic date on Hastings beach, Owen, an IT consultant, told Michelle that while he thought the town was “pretty”, he wanted to return to Sheffield for work.

He said: “Hastings actually is really pretty, it’s gorgeous. The weather helps. But it’s no Sheffield.”

“It’s a bit too warm. It is nice down here to be fair, but you know I love Sheffield.”

The Argus: Source: Channel 4. The couple enjoyed a date together on the beach in Hastings.Source: Channel 4. The couple enjoyed a date together on the beach in Hastings.

The couple have yet to decide on a destination to relocate to, however the prospect of living apart seemed to cause a divide between the pair.

Owen said: “I think we're really lucky with this lockdown. But after lockdown, our lives are going to change again.

“I am worried the thoughts and feelings might change. Are we going to continue acting and behaving as we have done over lockdown? Or are we going to question how we feel?

Meanwhile Michelle seemed hurt when he explained: 'My only concern about us is, is this is it a lockdown which has kept us together because we know we have to be?”

Upon leaving their lockdown home in Horsham the couple confessed they were worried about their future.

Michelle said: “I have only ever known him in this bubble when we've been together. It's tricky to know what he is going to be like. It'll be interesting to see if we have been true to ourselves.

“Real life is now kicking in and I don't know how our relationship is going to change because of that.”