PROTESTERS have taken to the streets over a controversial abortion law introduced by the Polish government.

People from the polish community in Brighton and Hove gathered at the West Pier last night to demonstrate against the measures, that bans nearly all abortions.

The decision, which cannot be appealed, halts pregnancy terminations for fetal abnormalities, virtually the only type currently performed in the country.

Protesters held up signs with slogans like "My P**y my choice" and "Poland tortures women," to show solidary with Polish women.

The Argus: Protesters at the event.Protesters at the event.

It comes as tens of thousands of women took to the streets in dozens of cities across Poland as part of a nationwide strike against a top court’s decision.

Agnieszka Drzewiecka from Brighton, took part in the demonstrations aimed at supporting the women currently protesting in Poland.

She said: "They simply are taking away rights from women to choose and decide about their bodies.

"Having a choice is a human right and they mustn’t be a subject on which you vote for.

"We want to show our solidarity and support with Polish women fighting against it currently in Poland."

The Argus: 'My body, my choice' is held aloft by a demonstrator.'My body, my choice' is held aloft by a demonstrator.

A video taken from the event shows the large crowd gathered at Churchill Square, chanting in polish while music plays from a speaker.

Organisers disturbed flyers, demanded a stop to the drastic anti-abortion law.