A MASTER marksman could be heading to Asia after winning a national Footgolf competition.

Richard Philp, founder of Brighton Footgolf in Hove, took the top spot at the Seniors UK Footgolf Open in Cambridge despite an early injury forcing him to compete with his weaker foot.

Footgolf, a hybrid of football and golf, sees competitors try to kick a football along a golf-esque green as they attempt to knock it into a cup at the end of the course in as few shots as possible.

Richard came into the Cambridge competition on October 18 with high hopes, but an early setback nearly cost him his shot at the title.

He suffered a thigh strain in the second round, but played through the pain and used his weaker left leg to guide him to an emotional victory.

He dedicated the win to his mother-in-law Mary, who passed away last month.

Richard said: “I felt a sudden surge of pain and I wasn’t sure if I could continue because I had another full round to play.

“But I just thought of my family and it drove me to carry on through the pain barrier.

“When I won, it suddenly hit me.

“After all the difficulty of Covid and losing Mary, my mother-in-law, I shed a couple of tears.

“It’s been a tough time for the family but it felt good to have something positive happen and to be able to dedicate it to her.”

However, Richard now has his eyes set on the international stage as he looks to take his footgolf prowess to the next level.

He is currently ranked number three in the UK seniors, but a move into the top two would see him qualify for the FIFG Footgolf World Cup in Japan next October.

This is a gathering of about 500 footgolfers, with the aim of finding and recognising the best athletes the sport has to offer from across the world. Ultimately, the greatest footgolfer on earth will be crowned.