STUDENTS goaded police who had been called to disperse Halloween parties that broke the social distance rules.

Dozens of officers were called to the University of Sussex campus at Falmer on Saturday night.

Footage revealed scores of revelling youngsters packed into halls of residence, while others set off fireworks.

More shocking footage has emerged of students chanting “who are ya?” at officers.

The Argus:

Video footage shows the shocking scenes at the University of Sussex

The video shows one young man clad in a green costume bounding down stairs away from police and bundling into a group nearby, where he was then pinned down by officers.

Police were called to break up the parties, which were taking place just hours after the Prime Minister told the nation of the urgent need to protect the NHS and stay home.

Dozens of officers and vans were sent to the campus, where police said students then broke up and some went to nearby Stanmer Park.

The University of Sussex says it is working with the police and takes the breaches of coronavirus rules very seriously.

Security will be boosted and disciplinary action may follow.

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A sound system and generator was seized by police, and the force said organisers of the apparent illegal rave face a £10,000 fine. An investigation is underway.

It is understood that no arrests have been made at the University of Sussex.

Their behaviour has been branded as disgraceful and lacking respect by Argus readers.

The Argus:

Students held a mass gathering in breach of the coronavirus rules

Valerie Tovey said: “This is why Covid-19 numbers will keep going up. Not much social distancing here.”

The behaviour was described as “disgraceful” and “absolutely disgusting”.

Although Jenna Belle said: “One student party and it’s all young peoples fault. I’ve seen plenty of adults having parties too, and thousands protesting.

“I’ve also just walked past Primark and seen a load of adults queuing right up the road... none of which looked like they were social distancing."

The University of Sussex said: "While the vast majority of our students are following the guidelines and behaving responsibly, there were breaches on Saturday night. 

"This included non-residents visiting our campus.  

"We are continuing to work closely with Sussex Police on this, as we have been over the past few months. 

"We take these breaches extremely seriously and we are taking disciplinary and other action where needed.  We will continue to strengthen our security and student support presence wherever necessary.”

The Argus:

Some students were worse for wear

Meanwhile it was also a busy weekend for parties elsewhere in the city.

In nearby Bevendean, police were attacked after being called to a house party in Norwich Drive. Residents saw screaming and swearing teenagers fleeing from police.

The Argus:

Police responded to the incidents

A police sergeant was attacked. One man was arrested on suspicion of assault. Police said the party host was fined £10,000 for breaching the rule of six.