AN “AMAZING” 12-year-old boy saved an unconscious stranger from choking.

The young hero spotted the unresponsive man in Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Burgess Hill, on Saturday and immediately stopped to help.

Mid Sussex Neighbourhood Prevention Inspector Darren Taylor said: “A massive thank you to an amazing 12-year-old lad who on Saturday gave first aid to an unconscious male he came across.

“He shouted for someone to call an ambulance while stopping the casualty from choking, then carried on giving first aid until we arrived.

“A truly amazing young man.”

He said the 12-year-old had even continued to assist police in giving first aid until ambulance crews arrived, at which point he gave a full hand over.

Inspector Taylor later provided an update on the incident on social media, saying: “I’ve just spoken to his mum and she mentioned how modest he was about it all.

“I am popping over in the week to meet this amazing young man and thank him personally.”