THE MAN behind the £160,000 seafront igloos found out they would have to close... on their opening night. 

Luke Davis, owner of the Rockwater development on Hove seafront, was thrilled to open the 30 igloos on Friday evening after weeks of planning. 

But, just as customers began to fill up the new "Covid-secure" pods with heaters and speakers for the first time, news began to filter through that the country was due to go back into a lockdown. 

The Argus:

He said: "I've been constantly changing the business to work within the legislation.

"It's an absolute shame, for the people who have worked hard to comply with the rules, to have the rulebook changed and be told there's another lockdown.

"I bought a pub, then it became illegal to go into a pub. I've made the igloos and now they're going to be illegal too.

"We will get there eventually."

The Argus:

Venture capitalist Mr Davis announced his vision for the seafront venue - previously known as The View  - in December last year. 

Although the venue is still set to open, Rockwater Hove’s Shacks By The Shore have been serving up food and drink from June. 

The Argus:

In an effort to provide more offerings despite current restrictions, Mr Davis spent £160,000 building the "Covid-secure" igloos on the adjacent green. 

Each pod comes with its own heater and speaker, as well as a service button which will light the igloo red.

He said: "The support for the igloos has been insane. We have been fully-booked. 

"My biggest fear, and I am speaking as a business person, not as a doctor, is the fact that people are losing jobs, businesses are suffering, and there are mental health ramifications.

The Argus:

"It is frustrating as I have spent a small fortune trying to work in the current rules and then having to close a few days after opening.

"It is annoying, but hopefully I can keep everyone working.

"Covid lockdown permitting, we will be open for bookings at Christmas."

On Saturday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a month-long national lockdown for England.

The PM said the national lockdown will start at one second past midnight on Thursday and will last until Wednesday, December 2.

The Argus:

In a press conference from Number 10, Boris Johnson said “no responsible Prime Minister can ignore” the rising rates of Covid-19 infections as he announced a new lockdown for England.

All pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues and non-essential shops are due to close.

He said “we need to be humble in the face of nature”, adding that the virus was spreading even faster than the worst-case scenario envisaged by scientists.