THE LARGEST community group in Brighton has been shut after its admin was hacked.

Brighton People, which has more than 57,000 Facebook members, is now archived after its admin lost her account to hackers.

Jax Atkins has run the group for seven-and-a-half years.

She said: "I'm absolutely gutted, it's really stressful.

"I've spent all these years running the group after building it up from nothing and so this is soul-destroying."

Mrs Atkins said the account was lost more than three weeks ago and Facebook has been "useless" at helping her get it back.

When contacted, Facebook said it was actively investigating the incident.

Mrs Atkins said: "I was on Facebook and suddenly it said 'your session is up'.

"I then couldn't sign-in and when I tried to reset my password, I noticed that it was giving the wrong email address."

Other options available to recover the account - such as using alternative phone number or email - however, she says, this did not work.

She said she has been trying to contact Facebook for more than three weeks, but has had little success in getting the account back.

She said: "The group is a lifeline for some people to get information about coronavirus.

"Those people have now lost it, just as we head into another lockdown."

The Argus:

Facebook said it is looking into the incident 

A message to group members on October 31 reads: " OK, we are having a break for a while - at least until Jax Atkins gets Facebook to sort out whoever has hacked her Facebook account.

"Then she can get back on here and help run her group.

"So from this evening, Brighton People is going to be archived. That means nothing can be posted and no comments or pics can be added.

"It is a shame we have to do this and so sorry to all the very valuable and loyal members we have, of which there are so many of you

"See you soon, we hope."