A CROWD of about 40 people crammed into a city centre street to watch a busker as the partying continued after pubs shut last night.

The revellers filled Duke Street in Brighton and joined in with a rendition of Wonderwall by Oasis as they were surrounded by a semi-circle of police.

Members of the crowd danced along and waved foam fingers in the air as the track played at 10.05pm, just minutes after pubs closed for the final time ahead of the second national lockdown.

A police van and about ten officers were sent to the scene.

After the song had finished, police appeared to engage with members of the crowd and no further music was played.

The group slowly dispersed, with the street almost empty by 10.30pm.

Sussex Police dedicated a large number of officers to patrol Brighton city centre last night ahead of the enforced four-week closure of pubs, bars and hospitality venues.

Armed units were also stationed at the Clock Tower and Brighton Station during the evening.

There was a huge swelling of people in West Street shortly before 10pm as groups made their way out of pubs and on to the pavement.

The Argus:

Hundreds stayed in the street for about 20 minutes, with police then seen to move people on.

The road was almost empty by 10.40pm.