AN AIRLINE faces an uncertain future as it suspends flights to and from Gatwick.

Norwegian has furloughed more than 1,600 staff as the impact of the coronavirus crisis and travel restrictions hit the industry hard.

The airline said it would run out of money in the first half of the new year 2021, but has been told it will get no extra cash boost from the Norwegian government.

It had been a cheap fare operator for flights from Gatwick to the United States.

Bosses still hope to get more backing from the government as the Norwegian airlines fleet remains grounded.

Chief executive Jacob Schram said: “The fact that our government has decided to refrain from providing Norwegian with further financial support is very disappointing and feels like a slap in the face for everybody at Norwegian who is fighting for the company when our competitors are receiving billions in funding from their respective governments.”

In March the Norwegian government pledged £500 million, but in May creditors and lessors took over the airline.

On Monday the coalition government ruled out nationalising airlines and said no more help will be given.

Air industry minister Iselin Nyboe said: “It is a tough message to get. But we are answerable for the responsible use of public funds.”