LIVING in Brighton and Hove, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to fine food and drink.

Most city centre streets are lined with a range of restaurants, cuisines, cooking styles and more, each vying for the attention of hungry punters.

So, for the last four years, the Brighton Restaurants Awards Vote Online (BRAVO) have set out on the unenviable mission of finding the creme de la creme of Brighton dining.

To do this, they enlist the help of the people who know the city's food scene the best, its residents, holding an online vote to decide which sites will earn bragging rights across a range of categoris.

The Argus: The Royal Pavilion. Photo by Simon Dack.

A spokesman for the awards even said: "The BRAVOs are a celebration of the independent food and drink scene that gives Brighton, Hove and Sussex so much of its character.

"As the only entirely publicly voted for awards, the BRAVO top 20 winners are tried, tested and voted for by locals, making it your go-to list for where to go-to."

And the votes are now in for the 2020 awards.

These are the sites which have been named at the top of their game:

Brighton's Best Restaurant 

The most highly voted for, and coveted, award going at the BRAVOs, this prize goes to the restaurant which "epitomise the Brighton food scene with the ingenuity and creativity of their food offerings".

Bravo said: "They are our city’s brightest stars, they dazzle and amaze. They are the restaurant that you highly recommend to your nearest and dearest and where every visit has you planning your next."

These are the top three:

The Argus: The Little Fish Market in HoveThe Little Fish Market in Hove

1. The Little Fish Market in Upper Market Street, Hove

After a third place finish in last year's awards, The Little Fish Market has now taken the top spot with its seasonally changing set menu.

BRAVO said this approach, twinned with its 20 cover restaurant, allowed chef Duncan Ray "to deliver culinary excellence every time".

2. Chard, Western Road, Hove

3. Etch, Church Road, Hove

Sussex Finest

Looking further afield, this category asked voters to promote the places in the county which held the value of "made in Sussex" close to their hearts, whiile delivering outstanding service.

Sites had to be within a 15-mile radius of Brighton and Hove.

These are the top three:

The Argus: The Shepherd and Dog in FulkingThe Shepherd and Dog in Fulking

1. Shepherd and Dog, Fulking

A serial winner, having also taken the crown in 2018, the large beer garden and picturesque views compliment the tasty brews of this countryside boozer perfectly.

2. PITCH Restaurant, Wrawick Street, Worthing

3. The Ginger Fox, Muddleswood Road, Hassocks

Best Brunch

"The winners of this category embody a lively social vibe accompanied by healthy portions of quality food," BRAVO said.

These are the top three:

The Argus: Mange Tout in BrightonMange Tout in Brighton

1. Mange Tout, Trafalgar Street, Brighton

This independent bistro has earned many admirers for organic, seasonal food as well as its relaxed atmosphere.

2. Starfish and Coffee, Egremont Place, Brighton

3. Moksha Caffe, York Place, Brighton

Plant Champions

This category is particularly prevalent in Brighton and Hove, which has an expansive vegan and vegetarian scene.

Plant Champions seeks to celebrate the sites in Brighton and Hove which have plenty to offer those wanting to enjoy a meat-free meal.

These are the top three:

The Argus: Purezza has expanded across Brighton and HovePurezza has expanded across Brighton and Hove

1. Purezza, St James's Street, Brighton

The incredible popularity of the vegan pizza specialists was proven when the brand expanded to a new site in Western Road over the summer.

"They have even branched out into opening their own vegan cheese factory," BRAVO said.

"Detractors of vegan cheese will have to eat their words with this one."

2. Terre A Terre, East Street, Brighton

3. The Roundhill, Ditchling Road, Brighton

Best Cocktails

Looking for the best place in Brighton and Hove to enjoy a tipple or two? Look no further

These bars have earned voters' attentions through their "flair, ambience and flavour".

These are the top three:

The Argus: The L'Atelier du Vin in St George's Place, BrightonThe L'Atelier du Vin in St George's Place, Brighton

1. L'Atelier du Vin, Dyke Road, Brighton

The brand, which also has a site in St George's Place, has been dubbed the "head honcho of the Brighton cocktail scene".

It also has a prohibition theme which has proven very popular with customers.

2. The Golden Pineapple of Ship Street, Ship Street, Brighton

3. Plateau, Bartholomews, Brighton

Best Local

A prized feather in the cap of any pub, this award asked people to nominate their local which boasted the winning combination of friendly staff, great beer, delicious pub grub and a fun programme of events.

These are the top three:

The Argus: The Hand in Hand pub in Kemp TownThe Hand in Hand pub in Kemp Town

1. Hand in Hand, Upper St James's Street, Brighton

A little way away from the city centre, this historic boozer was applauded by BRAVO for "epitomising the curious and eccentric community of Kemp Town.

It also has a range of rare and home-brewed beers on offer, which certainly did nothing to hamper its climb to the top of the pile.

2. Robin Hood, Norfolk Place, Brighton

3. The Urchin, Belfast Street, Hove

Best For The Family

These venues have to please parents and children alike, a true test for any restaurant.

Luckily, several sites were up to the challenge.

These were the top three:

The Argus: Donatelo launched a new takeaway service during lockdownDonatelo launched a new takeaway service during lockdown

1. Donatello, Brighton Place, Brighton

Italian cuisine is a firm favourite among many families, and few in the city do it as well as Donatello.

But it is not just the food on offer which earned the site the top spot.

"In true Italian style, Donatello has time and time again made their restaurant seem like a second home to you, your children, and the in-laws," BRAVO said.

2. Fatto a Mano, Gloucester Road, Brighton

3. NuPosto, West Street, Brighton

Best Team

Behind every great restaurant, bar and pub, there is always a terrific team.

This award looks to celebrate the individuals who work to make Brighton and Hove's dining experiences so special.

These are the top three:

The Argus: Kujira in Preston Street, BrightonKujira in Preston Street, Brighton

1. Kujira, Preston Street, Brighton

The sleek Japanese bar and grill with the city's top team behind them has made for a winning combination.

"The team behind Kujira certainly lit a pathway to your hearts," BRAVO said.

2. Manju's, Trafalgar Street, Brighton

3. Robin Hood, Norfolk Place, Brighton

Best Cafe

There is no shortage of competition within this category in Brighton and Hove, with coffee houses found in many of the city's streets.

It takes a special site indeed to claim the top spot.

These are the top three:

The Argus: Starfish and Coffee in Egremont Place, BrightonStarfish and Coffee in Egremont Place, Brighton

1. Starfish and Coffee, Egremont Place, Brighton

To claim the title of having the second best brunch in the city in the same year as being named the best cafe takes some doing.

But the hard-working team at Starfish and Coffee has managed it.

The cafe is so popular that it can still persuade customers to brave the hills of Hanover for a brew, BRAVO said.

2. Moksha Caffe, York Place, Brighton

3. Black Mocha, Gloucester Road, Brighton

Best Afternoon Tea

A grand affair, sites had to ooze sophistication to claim the title in this category.

These are the top three:

The Argus: The Grand hotel boasts clear views of Brighton seafrontThe Grand hotel boasts clear views of Brighton seafront

1. The Grand, King's Road, Brighton

The kings of class in Brighton, beautiful sea views and a menu by award-winning chef Alan White enabled the hotel to claim the top spot for the second year running.

2. Metrodeco, Upper St James's Street, Brighton

3. Terre A Terre, East Street, Brighton

Best Roast

An integral part of many Brits' Sundays, which Brighton sites were people making a beeline for each weekend?

Here are the top three:

The Argus: The Round Hill has the best roast in the cityThe Round Hill has the best roast in the city

1. The Round Hill, Ditchling Road, Brighton

A meat-free menu did nothing to stop this popular pub from having the heartiest roast around.

You can read our full report here>>>

2. The Ginger Pig, Hove Street, Hove

3. Ladies Mile, Mackie Avenue, Brighton

Best Wine List

This award focuses on the flavours and quality of the wine lists on offer at venues across the city, while also taking into account factors such as value for money.

Here are the top three:

1. Plateau, Bartholomews, Brighton

The Argus: Plateau in Bartholomew, BrightonPlateau in Bartholomew, Brighton

Research, time, tasting, and plenty of care has gone into crafting the wine list at Plateau, and this vote shows it has not gone unnoticed by customers.

2. Fourth and Church, Church Road, Hove

3. Ten Green Bottles, Jubilee Street, Brighton

International Cuisine

Though travel restrictions have severely hampered holiday plans this year, Brighton and Hove restaurants have still been able to take diners' taste buds on trips to Italy, India and beyond.

Here are the top three:

The Argus: Bincho Yakitori in Preston Street, BrightonBincho Yakitori in Preston Street, Brighton

1. Bincho Yakitori, Preston Street, Brighton

This low-key Japanese restaurant offers authentic international dining.

"Their menu showcases some of the finest Japanese small plates, Asian beers and of course it wouldn’t be Japan without Sake," BRAVO said.

2. Kujira, Preston Street, Brighton

3. Petit Pois, Ship Street, Brighton

Sustainable Eats

When a venue can serve a delicious dish and create minimal waste while doing so, it is a particularly impressive feat.

Many sites in Brighton and Hove are going above and beyond to do their bit for the environment.

Here are the top three:

The Argus: Moshimo in BrightonMoshimo in Brighton

1. Moshimo, Bartholomew Square, Brighton

Ten years ago, the brand used its position as one of Brighton's best-loved restaurants to create the sustainability campaigns Fishlove and The Great Moshimo Vegan Challenge.

They continue to champion these principles to this day.

2. The Real Junk Food Project, Gardner Street, Brighton

3. Lucky Beach Cafe, King's Road Arches, Brighton

Eat Well For Less

It does not have to cost and arm and a leg to eat out in Brighton and Hove, as these sites prove.

There is also no need to sacrifice on scintillating flavours.

These are the top three sites in this category:

1. The Real Junk Food Project, Gardner Street, Brighton

This organisation intercepts good food from going to waste, instead transforming it into delicious dishes.

It also operates on a "pay what you feel" basis, making it the ultimate value for money site.

 2. Smorl's Houmous, Falafel and Salad Bar, Open Market, Brighton

3. Fatto a Mano, Gloucester Road, Brighton

The Argus: Fatto a ManoFatto a Mano

Good To Go

Takeaways are big business in Brighton and Hove, even more so given the current climate.

But which sites in the city are best to order in as you curl up on the sofa?

These are the top three:

The Argus: Lost Boys Chicken is based at The Joker pub in BrightonLost Boys Chicken is based at The Joker pub in Brighton

1. Lost Boys Chicken, Preston Road, Brighton

The guys at Lost Boys Chicken, who are based at The Joker pub, are credited with "keeping Brighton saucy".

Perfectly cooked poultry, sticky sauces and flavours which pack a punch made this the most popular takeaway among voters.

2. Social Board Brighton, St James's Street, Brighton

3. Curry Leaf Cafe, Ship Street, Brighton