A STAFFIE was rescued by lifeboat volunteers after getting stranded out at sea.

The RNLI team was called to East Worthing yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, November 10).

Roxy the black Staffordshire Bull Terrier was seen paddling several hundred yards from the shore.

Her owner had gone into the water after her but could not reach the pet.

Video footage shared by the Shoreham RNLI volunteers shows how Roxy was desperately swimming but was in difficulty.

In the footage we see the team called to the beach, and can see Roxy swimming around the lifeboat.

The volunteers slow down to pull alongside the dog, paddling in the calm waters.

They appeared to gain Roxy’s trust, as she hops on board the inshore vessel.

The Argus:

As she gets on board we can see the relief on her face. The video also then shows how far off the beach Roxy was when she was picked up.

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Shoreham RNLI said: “Watch our inshore lifeboat crew rescue Roxy the Staffie dog who got into trouble in the water at East Worthing this afternoon.

"Luckily her owner who had gone into the water after her managed to get out ok. If your pet gets into difficulty in the water always call 999 for the coastguard.”