TWO witnesses have described how men chased a victim in the street before an alleged stabbing.

Muhammed Jassey was confronted by two men in black hooded tops as he walked in Whitehawk Road, Brighton.

The 26-year-old was grabbed and struck, and suffered a single stab wound that pierced his heart.

As his two attackers fled he collapsed nearby and died shortly after from his injuries.

The two men accused of attacking him on April 5 this year are Daryl Richardson, 26, and Bobby Smith, 22.

At Brighton Crown Court, witnesses have described seeing a “scuffle” between Mr Jassey and two other men.

The Argus:

Simon Miles gave evidence to the jury, and was too distressed to watch CCTV footage of the incident for a second time.

“I cannot forget it,” he said.

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He said he would prefer to keep his eyes closed and told the court: “There were two men running down Findon Road, chasing this man, they were wearing dark clothes. 

“I couldn’t tell you how the young lad (Muhammed Jassey) collapsed. He was in a bad way. I saw a tussle and what looked like a fight.”

The Argus:

Mr Miles said he saw “body blows” aimed at Mr Jassey during the 20-second incident. The men then fled.

In his statement to police he said: “When I say an exchange of blows, it was the two males who had been pursuing that both repeatedly punched the younger male in a flurry. 

“The two of them each used both of their hands to land body blows on the younger male. I wouldn’t call the punches significant, but they weren’t mucking about.”

Mr Miles said Mr Jassey had not done a thing and did not return any blows on his attackers.

The Argus:

Paul Tucker also gave evidence and said he thought the incident may have been a robbery, as he saw one man patting down Mr Jassey.

Mark Rutherford QC, defending Richardson, showed the witnesses the CCTV footage, and asked them to agree that the “taller man” – his client – can be seen a distance apart from the man who stabbed Mr Jassey.

Richardson, of Cumberland Road, Southsea, Hampshire, denies murder and says that while at the scene, he did not wield a knife, or know the second man who also wielded a knife.

Philip Bennetts QC has told the jury witnesses had seen Richardson and Smith wearing dark clothing on the day and seen them in flats nearby at Kite Place West.

Blood from Mr Jassey was found on both defendants’ clothes, the jury heard.

Smith, of Coolham Drive, Brighton denies murder and says he was not present.

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