A DANGEROUS man stabbed a woman after squabbling about her chess playing ability.

Ian Lewis plunged a knife into Louise Bailey three times at his home in Brighton.

She had gone to his flat in Lewes Road to hand back a bluetooth speaker and stayed for drinks.

The pair started a game of chess, but Ms Bailey was worse for wear.

Lewis mocked her ability and a row erupted as the chess board was tipped over.

Ms Bailey only remembered being on the floor with Lewis trying to stab her.

She had wounds to her body, thigh and arm that all needed stitches at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

At Hove Crown Court Judge Shani Barnes found that Lewis was "dangerous" and posed a risk of stabbing other people.

The Argus:

He had previously been jailed for stabbing a friend in 2016.

Now he has been sent back to prison for three years, with an extended licence period of a further three years.

Richard Cherrill, prosecuting, told the court the incident happened in June this year.

The Argus:

"It was all going well for a time until it degenerated. There was a game of chess between the two, I don't think it was completed as the board was tipped over.

"According to Ms Bailey the defendant remonstrated with her and spoke unkindly about her talents at that particular game. She had drunk quite a lot and has no recollection of what happened.

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The prosecutor said the attack was with a broken serrated steak knife. He added: "From what she has pieced together the thing she can remember is being on the ground with him stabbing her."

Sarah Thorne, defending, said Lewis has had a difficult life, at times being a rough sleeper and homeless and said it is clear her client has a drink problem.

Judge Shani Barnes said Lewis, of Lewes Road, Brighton, will have to "come to terms with the fact his anger is out of control".

The Argus:

She said: "It sounds so ridiculous that you would take a knife to a family friend who was clearly drunk and stabbed her. It was not just in a moment of madness, you stabber her three times.

"You are lucky it did not penetrate an artery or cause more serious harm."

Lewis admitted unlawful wounding and was considered a risk to public safety. It means that unlike usual prisoners who are released half way through serving their time behind bars, he will serve two thirds before a parole decision.