LEARNER drivers might be able to improve their chances of passing by picking the right test site.

New data has revealed the driving test centres in Sussex with the highest and lowest pass rates.

The figures released by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency show that people taking their test in Chichester were most likely to pass while those in Crawley had the highest chance of failure.

The data records all tests taken at each site between April 2019 and March 2020.

The Argus:

During this time, 54.7 per cent of the 4,962 learner drivers to take their test in Chichester showed the composure needed to pass the test.

The second best performing test centre in Sussex was Eastbourne (pictured below) where 2,166 of the 4,190 people to take a test were successful.

This gave the centre a pass rate of 51.7 per cent.

Meanwhile in Lancing, the closest test centre to Brighton, there was a pass rate of 47.4 per cent.

A total of 4,026 people passed their tests at the site, out of 8,493 who took them.

All other sites in Sussex had a pass rate below the UK average, 45.9 per cent.

Crawley was the furthest from this figure, with a success rate of 41.3 per cent.

Of 6,082 drivers to take their test in the town, 2,511 passed.

Burgess Hill did not fare much better, with 3,210 of its 7,678 of its hopefuls passing.

This meant the test centre had a success rate of 41.8 per cent.

The Argus:

In Hastings, 43.1 per cent of the 3,794 prospective drivers were given the green light.

All Sussex sites, however, scored far more highly than some of the lowest rated test centres in the UK.

The site with the unenviable title of worst pass rate in Britain was Rochdale, where fewer than one in three (30.8 per cent) of people passed their tests.

Birmingham also appears to be a bad place to try to earn your licence, according to the figures.

Four sites in the city had a pass rate of less than 40 per cent.

The highest pass rate in the UK was at the test centre on the Isle of Mull, where 88.2 per cent of drivers were successful.

However, only 17 people took their test at the site, with the most recent being in January.