A LIFEBOAT crew rescued a person who leapt into the sea from Brighton Palace Pier in the early hours.

The volunteer Brighton Lifeboat team received a report shortly after 5am yesterday that a person had jumped into the water and needed help.

Within less than 20 minutes they had boarded a lifeboat, sped out to sea and found the person drifting eastwards from the end of the attraction.

The Argus: The Brighton Lifeboat near Brighton Palace PierThe Brighton Lifeboat near Brighton Palace Pier

The team helped the casualty on to the lifeboat and provided care as they transported them back to shore.

When they were safely back on dry land, docking at Brighton Marina, the casualty was handed into the care of the South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Roland Farrar, commander of Brighton Lifeboat, said "Thanks to the fantastic cooperation between police, coastguard and the lifeboat, and despite challenging conditions, we managed to secure a good outcome for the casualty.

"Please stay away from the water at night.

"The sea is extremely dangerous, especially now the weather is becoming more unpredictable."