NICK CAVE has shared some words of wisdom for finding the right path in life.

The musician, who lives in Brighton, was writing in response to a fan on his website, The Red Hand Flies.

In the 123rd instalment of his well-established fan forum, Lottie, from Leeds asked: “How do I know I’m on the right path?”

Cave advised Lottie to look out for any signals that may indicate she is on the wrong path.

He wrote: “Look around you. If there are others all moving in the same direction, and they look like you, and they move like you, and they all like the same things, and they hate the same things, and they are angry about the same things, and they are screaming about the same things, chances are you are on the wrong path.

The Argus:

“If you turn and veer onto a different path, even though these people who all think the same thoughts, and say the same things, and behave the same way, may look at you, and may scoff at you and may even threaten you, carry on — as uncertain and crooked as the path may be.”

The singer and songwriter went on to write that is important that while the right path may not be the “easiest” or the “best,” it will always be “the most interesting, the most instructive, even the most enlightened path.”

He also stressed the important of taking ownership of your own path.

He continued: “It is your path, where you get to be who you want to be, say what you want to say, and love what you want to love... your path... and you can take much comfort from that, because you may be the one who shudders, you may be the one who spins and glows, you may be the one who shines, you may even be the one who bursts into flames, but even still, there you are and all along you go. Your path, your path.”

In a previous entry, Cave revealed that he receives death threats and hateful messages online.

He wrote: “There is nothing quite like a good death threat in the morning to get the juices flowing.

“They are a form of validation, really, as no one with a public platform and an opinion is doing his or her job effectively if they are not being attacked from time to time.”

Cave also reflected on the coronavirus pandemic and said it has been a “frightening and uncertain time”.

However, he did add that he has been “overwhelmed” by kindness.

He wrote: “My experience of actual people in this time is overwhelmingly positive – there is a great deal of love and mutual regard and community.

“I think most of us understand that in order to rise above this particular moment we must pull together, and act with civility, generosity and kindness.”

The Bad Seeds musician is set to release his new album, Idiot Prayer on November 20.

Idiot Prayer, Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace was recorded in June 2020 as the UK slowly emerged from lockdown.

Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace was originally a one-off digital event, screened live in July, but it has now been made into a film.

The music will be released as a double album.