TWO men who murdered a young father-to-be in broad daylight have not shown “even a flicker” of remorse for stabbing him to death.

Muhammed Lamin Jassey was killed in Whitehawk Road in Brighton on the afternoon of Sunday, April 5, by a single stab wound to his chest.

Bobby Smith, 22, and Daryl Richardson, 26, appeared before Brighton Crown Court through a video link today to face sentencing for the 26-year-old’s murder, after the pair were found guilty yesterday.

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Men appear in court accused of murder of Muhammed Jassey

Judge Jeremy Gold QC described the crime as “brutal” and said the men had been convicted on “overwhelming evidence” as he jailed them both for life.

The Argus:

Addressing Smith and Richardson, he said: “Neither of you have told the truth about why you attacked him. It seems like the most likely explanation is this was a robbery.

“The two of you could have overcome him easily but he was stabbed with severe force in the heart and he died there in the street.

“It is not possible to say which one of you inflicted the fatal wound. As a joint enterprise you both bear responsibility for his death.

“Neither of you have shown even a flicker of remorse for what you did.”

Richardson was sentenced for a minimum of 25 years, with a concurrent sentence of three years for a separate indictment of dealing heroin.

Smith received a minimum sentence of 24 years.

The Argus:

The court heard statements from the victim’s family, including his mother Jarra Bah, who said her son’s death had affected the whole family.

Prosecutor Ryan Richter read from her statement and said: “When she held Muhammed’s baby daughter, born after he had died, her heart filled not with joy but with tears. He used to make her laugh and brought real happiness to her life.

“Muhammed’s father, Senny Diassy, said he fell to his knees in devastation and shock when he heard the news of his son’s death.

“He spoke of how he was a good son who was funny and loving with a huge heart.”

In the month before he was murdered, Muhammed and his partner Elle Vinall-Thompson had found out they were going to have a daughter.

The court heard that Ms Vinall-Thompson now fears leaving her house and worries every time she hears a siren.

Mr Richter said: “Mostly she is concerned for her children and how she will have to explain to her daughter in future what happened.”

Richardson, of Cumberland Road in Portsmouth, has 17 convictions for 32 past offences. The court heard he has a diagnosis of ADHD and had faced “many significant difficulties in his family circumstances”.

The Argus:

Smith, of Coolham Drive in Brighton, has 14 previous convictions for 30 offences, including violent crimes involving the use of knives and machetes to threaten victims.

Speaking for Smith, Anthony Metzer QC appealed to Judge Gold and said: “I would ask you to look at his troubled background and diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“There is a profound sadness his sentence is likely to be longer than his whole life up until now.”

Addressing Smith, Judge Gold said: “I’ve read about your childhood which was unhappy, at least in part.

“Your criminal record is even worse than Richardson’s but I take the view you were the junior partner in this.”