ERIC Waters (Argus Letters, Tuesday, November 24) is right in some respects about the Thalidomide and contaminated blood scandals.

But we’ve come a long way since then, and comparing those with the vaccines for coronavirus is misleading.

The current efforts are under intense scrutiny from immunologists around the world and are needed now to stop the thousands of deaths in all communities around the world each day.

Many aspects of its development were known before the pandemic and fine tuning to direct it at this virus is what has taken the time - quite short in vaccine terms, but too late for over 1.3 million people who have died around the world (WHO).

I hope people get themselves immunised from this dreadful virus as soon as they can, and thus enable us all to return to normal during the upcoming year.

I do appreciate that many will have genuine concerns and there are plenty of reputable sources to answer these.

There are plenty of less reliable sources out there too, who would have us live under this cloud for years to come.

Brian Snow

Marine Parade


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