AN MP who voted against a second national lockdown says restrictions have been causing “more harm than the virus”.

Crawley MP Henry Smith welcomed the announced by the Prime Minister that lockdown restrictions would end on December 2.

The Conservative politician was among three Troy MPs who voted against a second national lockdown in November.

He said: “I was never in favour of the second national lockdown, I voted against that in Parliament several weeks ago. I certainly support a relaxing of retractions, I think it has been proven that the level of coronavirus cases wasn’t as bad as some of the scientific advisers originally feared.

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“I do feel it is important there is a much greater degree of opening up the economy so I welcome the new tier system. Sussex will be, I would imagine, in the lowest tier. I do think that is good not only for businesses but I think that is a more positive step to Christmas. I welcome the announced of reducing quarantine. I think that is very important for the aviation industry and saving as many jobs as possible in the Gatwick area.”

Travel quarantine restrictions are set to be slashed from 14 days to five in a bid to get Brits flying again, reports claim.

Under the new tier system announced by Boris Johnson on Monday, gyms and non-essential shops in all parts of England will be allowed to reopen when lockdown ends.

The Argus: Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP hopes Brighton will be in a lower teirLloyd Russell-Moyle MP hopes Brighton will be in a lower teir

Regions will not find out which tier they are in until tomorrow.

Labour MP for Kemptown and Peacehaven Lloyd Russell-Moyle said: “This is clearly now a temporary measure and we are all praying and hoping that the vaccine will come shortly.

“I hope Brighton will be in a lower tier and that we will be able to go about our business, and enjoy pubs and clubs.

“I welcome the new tier system and in that sense, I welcome more clarity. I welcome that families will be able to meet over Christmas and be able to shop.”