A STUDENT accused of organising a huge Halloween party says people "gatecrashed" and he did all he could to make them leave.

Andrew Murdymootoo currently faces a fine of £10,000 from Sussex Police for breaching Covid regulations after officers dispersed hundreds of rowdy revellers on October 31.

But the 21-year-old told the BBC that neither he nor his housemates were responsible for the event in Norwich Drive, Brighton.

The Argus:

He claimed hundreds of people had "gatecrashed" and he had attempted to make them leave the property.

The student was asked if he would "categorically deny that you were holding a large gathering here on that night".

He answered: "Oh 100 per cent. I mean, it is seen to be a large gathering, 100 per cent.

"I have nothing against that and against what the police see. I agree with them, 100 per cent.

"But whether I, or any other of my housemates, held that event on that night? No, we did not."

Following a series of incidents over the Halloween weekend, Sussex Police's Chief Constable Joe Shiner issued a statement to say she was "disappointed" with the actions of those involved.

The Argus: Partying in Brighton on Halloween nightPartying in Brighton on Halloween night

"Unfortunately, a number of my front line colleagues over the weekend suffered injuries and were subjected to both verbal and physical abuse," she said.

"Our officers and staff find themselves in a wide variety of often unpredictable and fast moving situations, however the behaviour some of them had to experience on the weekend was simply appalling."

The behaviour seen in Norwich Drive, Brighton, in which more than 100 people gathered at a property, promted Sussex Police to issue their first £10,000 fine for breaching Covid regulations.

This was given to the alleged organiser of the event, Andrew Murdymootoo, who has since spoken publicly in opposition to this action.

The Argus: Police were called ot partying in Brighton on Halloween night, in breach of coronavirus restrictionsPolice were called ot partying in Brighton on Halloween night, in breach of coronavirus restrictions

There was also partying at the University of Sussex's Falmer campus, disorder in Brighton city centre once pubs and bars closed at 10pm and a gathering at Stanmer Park over the Halloween weekend.

Police attended each incident to disperse those present.