WE ASKED Argus readers what they would bring back from the Brighton and Hove from the 1990s, and you had plenty to say.

With the festive period fast-approaching, one of the most common suggestions was the Christmas decorations at Hanningtons in North Street.

The department store was a prominent feature in the city for almost 200 years before closing in 2001.

And, each December, staff would go all out to create a winter wonderland for families to enjoy. Sheila Walker, Angela Bundell and Denise Coomber were among those to remember the decorations.

The Argus:

Argus reader Sarah Lambert said: “I was an elf helper in the Hanningtons grotto for Christmas 1989 and Christmas 1990. Totally loved it. Wonderful seasonal student job. Especially the ‘train’ with moving side panels. So many excited visitors to keep happy despite the long queues.”

Other people wished they could bring back a different kind of celebration from their time in Brighton in the 1990s, with many people listing their favourite pubs and clubs which have since closed down.

Asked what she missed, Mary Lynch said: “The Zap club and parties on the beach. Oh, and the fact I was in my 20s.”

The Zap, located within the King’s Road arches, is currently branded as The Arch. Acid house filled the venue for most of the 90s, making it a popular place to go for people partying in Brighton.

The Argus:

Another popular haunt was the “Hungry Years”, now Charles Street Tap, in Marine Parade, with readers such as Jim Pennell and Lynn Stenning remembering the nightclub.

It was known by many as The Years, was opened in 1973 by former model Daphne Berry. Over the years, it developed an identity as a rock club and gathered a large following of loyal fans and frequenters. It closed in 2000 as long-time owners John and Pepa Christoforou announced they would be retiring.

The Argus:

While many readers missed things from the 1990s, others looked deeper into the Brighton's past to find the things they wanted to see return to the city.

There was plenty of clamour for a fully restored West Pier, which was closed to the public in 1975 and destroyed by a series of storms and fires in the early 2000s.

Others wanted to see the return of a permanent ice rink in the city, and the Brighton Tigers ice hockey team which played at the SS Brighton in West Street between 1935 and 1965.