A PENSIONER who was bowled over by a police worker on a bicycle has called for authorities to clamp down on cyclists on pavements.

John Wilson, 73, was left with a bruised and bloodied face after being struck by the bike in Tarring Road, Worthing, last month.

Sussex Police later confirmed the cyclist was an off-duty member of its staff who is based in Brighton.

It has since been reported that the rider has been let off with a £30 fine, the lowest possible penalty for breaching the Highways Act 1835.

The maximum penalty is £500.

The cyclist has also been issued with a “final warning letter with words of advice for cycling on the pavement”.

The Argus:

Mr Wilson, who is battling prostate cancer, said he was still waiting for a proper apology from the force.

He said: “I was supposed to get an apology and have my phone sorted out after it broke in the accident. All I want is an apology.

“He cracked my ribs, I am still suffering from a concussion and I’ve got medication.

“In the ambulance I remember thinking, ‘I’m lucky to be alive’.”

He was concussed in the accident but said he had been “annoyed” watching footage of it that was captured on CCTV.

He said: “Surely anyone would have tried to pick me up and phone an ambulance.

“But he called his boss, who would do that?”.

The Argus:

Mr Wilson also said this was part of a larger problem in Worthing.

As he was speaking to The Argus, a cyclist whizzed past his window, riding on the pavement.

“You can’t walk down Worthing promenade without being run over,” Mr Wilson said.

“They (cyclists) are often dressed in black and hard to see. More needs to be done to stop this cycling on pavements.”

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “The cyclist, who is a member of staff based in Brighton and was off duty, reported the incident to the police at the time and informed his work supervisor at the first opportunity.

The Argus:

“The matter was referred to our Collision Investigation Unit for full review and investigation.

“There are limited criminal enforcement options for cycling on the pavement or collisions between parties on a pavement and on this occasion, taking all circumstances into account, the man received a final warning letter with words of advice for cycling on the pavement.

“Our Professional Standards Department received a complaint which, following a thorough investigation, has been judged not to meet the threshold for misconduct proceedings.”