PARENTS who were fined for taking their child out of school during the pandemic have won their battle to have the punishment withdrawn.

Charlotte Fox and Stacey Gillingham were fined £120 each for keeping their son Spencer from attending Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove.

The family, who live with Mrs Fox’s father, opted to keep the 11-year-old off school because they were afraid he could bring the virus home – putting his 70-year-old grandfather at risk.

Mrs Fox is also the only person who looks after her 88-year old grandmother.

After The Argus contacted Brighton and Hove City Council, which issued the fine on behalf of the school, it was removed because the parents were “communicating well with the school”.

The pair have since sent Spencer back to school.

Mrs Fox said: “I hope they will rethink their choice of doing that because it is a nasty thing to make someone decide.

“It is a win for me but I don’t know if other families are going through the same problem. I’m glad that they have removed it. It makes me feel better.

“It was still a stressful thing to have happened in the first place and I’ve now sent Spencer back to school. It is a nice gesture that they have removed it.

“The year leader was so supportive which is why I was so shocked to get the fine in the first place. It was strange because the school started off quite supportive. It was quite a nasty letter from the council, so I was shocked.”

The fines for each parent consisted of £60 for Spencer’s absence between October 13 and November 3 and a late payment fee of £60.

A council spokeswoman said: “We have been clear that we advise schools that fines should only be used as a last resort. In this case we have been given assurance that the school did work with the parent, assuring them of all the changes made to ensure children’s safety. The fine has now been withdrawn as the parent is communicating well with the school and the pupil has started to go in.”