A LOUT who previously claimed he had planted bombs in the city found himself back in court for wasting police time.

Mark Wilkinson, 48, made more false reports to police in Crawley, causing concern for people’s safety as a result of his irresponsible actions.

The report was “knowingly to give rise to apprehension for the safety of persons or property”, a court heard.

Wilkinson has previously been in trouble for calling the police while drunk and claiming to have planted a bomb in Brighton on behalf of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) extremist group.

The Argus:

In July last year it was revealed he had called the police in a state of drink and said: “I’m from the Ulster Defence Association, there are various bombs throughout Brighton.

“I’m going to have some fun.”

But he was so intoxicated that when police went to his then home in Oriental Place, Brighton, he could not remember making the phone call.

The alcoholic fantasist claimed someone had spiked his drink.

But he later told officers he was sorry and did not wish to bomb Brighton or cause anyone any harm.

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In December last year Wilkinson was jailed for making threats to hurl a brick through the window of the police station in John Street.

He broke a community order imposed for the bomb hoax offence, and was jailed for eight months.

Then in May this year he was back in court for racist abuse at Aldi supermarket in London Road.

The Argus:

He was put under a restraining order not to enter the store for two years.

After that incident, a man left a slurred and angry voicemail on the phone of The Argus crime reporter Aidan Barlow.

In the message a man said: “My name is (Mr) Wilkinson.

“Mr Barlow you have had it in for me for years going back because I know for a fact that I s****ed your missus.

“You might think you are an up and coming reporter.

“But I’m going to expose you as a swinging party (canister?) person.

“So stop reporting my name, or you are going to get it.”

The man did not state what exactly was meant in the message by the term it “it”.

Wilkinson appeared at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on November 10 where he admitted two charges of causing wasteful employment of the police.

The Argus:

The first was over a call in Brighton Road, Southgate, Crawley, on October15 and the second was a report over The Grange Hotel in Crawley on November 8.

Wilkinson, of no fixed address, had “relevant previous convictions” for the similar offences, the court heard.

Wilkinson was ordered to complete ten rehabilitation sessions with the probation service in an effort to address his repeat offending.

The court imposed a four-month suspended sentence for the offences.

He was also ordered to pay a £128 surcharge.