A MOTORCYCLIST has been busted faking a French accent after being stopped by police.

The man was followed by a Sussex Police officer after driving at excess speed on the A27, Lancing, last night.

PC Glen McArthur stopped the motorcyclist, who was riding the bike with French number plates.

The rider claimed to be French and even used a “comical” fake accent in an attempt to deceive the officer.

However, when suspicious PC McArthur ran a check of the bike, it was found to be registered in the UK and the rider had an expired licence and no insurance.

The Argus:

PC McArthur said: “This little tinker thought he'd run around on French plates to avoid insurance. His fake accent was somewhat comical. Au Reviour licence.

“The bike was followed at excess speed on the A27 at Lancing last night.

“When stopped the rider claimed to be French.

“Checks of the bike showed it to be UK registered. The rider had an expired licence and no insurance.”

The rider has been widely mocked by Twitter users after PC McArthur posted the incident on the social media platform.

The Argus:

Del Boy Credit BBC

The motorcyclist was compared to Only Fools and Horses' Del Boy, whose attempts at French are widely off the mark.

Driver training manager with Dorset Police Chris Smith posted a picture of Inspector Clouseau with the phrase “Tis eggeslant polis worx. I duff my cup at ewes”.