A DISABLED couple were left “freezing” and without hot water or heating for 24 hours after a communal boiler in council flats broke down.

Owen Spencer, 56 and his wife Carol, 57, were forced to wear two pairs of socks and an extra jacket to stay warm after their heating and hot water suddenly stopped working.

The pair were left “absolutely freezing” in their flat in Mayflower Square, Brighton, as they pleaded with the city council to fix the problem on Sunday.

Mr Spencer told The Argus it was the second time in two years the communal boiler had failed, leaving 53 flats without hot water or heating.

He said: “There are 53 flats in this whole square and we have one communal boiler.

“We had no heating and were offered no heaters.

“My wife and I are both disabled and we are self-isolating because of Covid-19. It is not good enough, I am afraid.

“I am shielding because I have heart problems, type two diabetes, arthritis and I have not long been diagnosed with emphysema.

“My wife, who is disabled, has a left knee injury that happened at work and she has had to suffer for 25 years.

“It is absolutely freezing. I have literally had a jumper, two pairs of socks, trousers and a hoodie to try and keep warm.

“I didn’t sleep very well as even under the duvet it wasn’t too warm.”

The couple found out that their heating had turned back on after Mr Spencer brushed against the radiator and realised it was hot.

Brighton and Hove City Council said contractors were installing a temporary boiler until the system could be fixed.

A spokesman said: “We apologise for the issues the residents of Mayflower Square have been experiencing with their communal boiler.

“Contractors are on site and residents currently have heating and hot water.

“The contractors are also installing a temporary boiler until the system can be fixed or replaced in the longer term.

“Temporary heaters are being delivered and we are keeping residents updated by letter and text message.

“We are also contacting vulnerable residents to ensure they have appropriate support.”