A SOCIAL media platform to help people learn English has gone from strength to strength.

Mitch Hargreaves runs the Easy English YouTube channel, using Brighton as his backdrop for online lessons.

He said he started making videos at the beginning of the year, using street interviews to show off the city of Brighton and to help people from around the world to learn our language.

They also pick up the chance to hear how we speak and the phrases we use.

Since starting, he said he has now gained more than 10,000 subscribers on the social media platform.

He said: “We are based and regularly film episodes in Brighton. Easy English is a language learning channel that helps you learn English – how it’s really spoken, with colloquialisms, slang and nuances that aren’t taught in typical language schools.

“Using street interviews and home videos, we ask random questions to the people of Brighton and make short films around the area to help our viewers

understand the English language.”