THE Argus asks how much the i360 could cost residents of the city (November 26) and the answer seems to be any sum up to £40.2 million.

This is the £36.2 million lent to i360 Ltd by the council plus the further £4 million that has been added to this because of the transfer of the smaller loan from Coast to Capital.

The i360 has been losing money for the past three years and ultimately the council tax payers will be paying the bill for years to come because of the foolish decision by the Green Party councillors (together with a few Tories) to fund this with public money.

These decisions were made at secretive meetings and with little or no consultation with the residents of Brighton and Hove.

Cumulative losses to the council are likely to be more than £6 millions by the end of this year and according to council papers could be up to £6.7 million.

Counter arguments about the regeneration of the seafront are spurious because these are relatively small amounts; the original £36.2 million loan could have been spent on seafront infrastructure and/or affordable/social rented homes and the i360 is making large losses anyway so already owes the council vast amounts.

In addition, the i360 Ltd forced the closure of a rival attraction, the Brighton Wheel, and takes some business away from competitor restaurants, bars and hospitality facilities.

As for alternative uses for this structure, how about a greenhouse in the sky for growing unusual fruit and veg? The largest folly in Britain?

Or, slightly more seriously, a much needed Tourist Information Centre, be it in one of the most expensive around.

The people of this city are too bright to be fooled by the public relations of the i360 and the Green administration at the council.

Rob Heale

Chatham Place