An Evening In With Stephen Fry: Troy

Brighton Dome Livestream, Monday, November 30

Although it is common these days to recoil at the prospect of yet another online event in lieu of real people, An Evening In With Stephen Fry heartily appeals.

The high production values on this broadcast-quality live stream are a world away from a glitchy Zoom or Teams experience, and Fry is a masterful storyteller – online as well in person.

Production company Fane Online has been - in response to Covid-19 - quietly creating a series of live-streamed events featuring celebrated authors, actors and podcasters that can be viewed from the comfort of your own sofa.

After huge success with his first two books of tales from Greek mythology, Mythos and Heroes, Fry’s newest release is Troy, a colourful retelling of the story of the Trojan War, famously told in Homer's Iliad.

Fry, seated in a comfortable armchair and with flickering fire in the background, addresses the viewer directly, making it appear as though he is actually in the corner of your living room, inches from your sofa.

It’s like a high quality Jackanory for adults. Fry is in his element with this vast tale of love and heroism, revenge, desire and despair.

The comedian could probably regale fans all day with his rich and accessible narrative about the fall of Troy, which includes some off-the-cuff dialogue, humorous asides, and the odd comedic accent.

Fry deftly weaves together the many strands of this ancient piece of Greek mythology, bringing the giant cast of characters to life with vivacity and flair.

The retelling never feels pretentious and although the sheer number of names, relations and personal motivations of these characters could seem overwhelming, Fry’s mellifluous telling is a delight.

Four stars

Catherine Eade

Tickets are still available for this live stream until tomorrow at 6.25pm at