A MAN bludgeoned and throttled his lover to death in a fit of rage to steal money from her to feed his drug habit, a court heard.

Gatwick baggage handler Jayesh Gobar met Nelly Myers through their contact at the airport and started a “turbulent” and “passionate” dalliance.

Ms Myers, 58, was “besotted” with the 36-year-old, but she never knew where he lived.

She was found dead at her home in the village of Rotherfield by police on December 18 last year.

There were trauma injuries to her head, neck and chest from a “sustained assault” and “strangulation”.

The Argus: The scene in Court Meadow Close, RotherfieldThe scene in Court Meadow Close, Rotherfield

Hove Crown Court heard how Gobar was seen on CCTV leaving her home in Court Meadow Close the day before, wearing a ladies blue puffer jacket.

Richard Hearnden, prosecuting, said evidence from witnesses and forensics show there was a “domestic violence episode” following an argument over money.

“The evidence is clear that Nelly Myers was murdered,” he said. “Because of all the evidence that there is against the defendant, we say that the defendant is guilty as charged.”

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Mr Hearnden said Gobar deliberately spat in several rooms “over and over again” during the “unpleasant” disturbance.

Blood from Ms Myers was found on the jacket, and on trainers worn by Gobar when he was arrested.

He had previously been convicted of a violent robbery against her in April 2018.

Gobar throttled her, marched her upstairs at her home in Court Meadow Close, and demanded cash.

“I will f****** kill you, I will stab you,” he had shouted at her.

Despite a restraining order, Ms Myers was at times “obsessed and devoted” with him and contacted Gobar after he was released from prison.

Ms Myers was originally from Peru and was estranged from her husband, Kevin Myers.

She had lived in Rotherfield and continued to work for British Airways at the customer service desk at Gatwick.

The Argus: Nelly Myers was found dead in RotherfieldNelly Myers was found dead in Rotherfield

The mother-of-two was found dead in her hallway by police after her son James had raised the alarm.

James said she was houseproud and looked after her appearance.

Mr Hearnden said pictures inside her home showed several rooms were “ransacked”.

Glass from a kitchen door was “smashed into a thousand pieces”, and there was damage to an oven glass door and handle, and stool was upended.

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Ohe of her handbags was found in the living room and contained glass pieces.

CCTV showed Gobar leaving the area on December 17 at 11.13am.

Neighbour Ben Ashwell saw a man matching Gobar’s description at the time.

Workmen said they could hear a “decisive” thud, as if someone had been struck.

Gobar was later seen walking in the centre of the village, unsteady on his feet. He dropped a back door key.

The Argus: Jayesh Gobar is accused of murder in RotherfieldJayesh Gobar is accused of murder in Rotherfield

It looked as though he had pushed a wheelie bin against the back gate in order to escape.

A taxi driver called Amar Ali Shah picked him up. The driver said he was a regular chauffeur for the alleged killer, dropping him off at Ms Myers’ front door.

But on December 17 Gobar, of Moorland Road, Maidenbower, had asked to be picked up in the village instead.

Gobar changed his mind about how to pay the fare, as he had taken Ms Myers’ bank card.

Mr Hearnden said he had "denigrated" her to the taxi driver.

He claims he did stay the night with Ms Myers, but denies murder.

The trial continues.