WAKING up today, there are several things you are legally allowed to do in Sussex that you could not do yesterday.

This unusual state of affairs comes about as a result of the move from national lockdown to the government’s latest tier restriction system, which came into effect at midnight.

A trip to the pub, a game of football or a meet-up with five friends at the park are no longer law-breaking activities.

However, with the government introducing “tougher” tier restrictions than those experienced in October and all of Sussex being placed in Tier 2 rather than Tier 1 this time around, some Argus readers told us they were left wondering just how different the new measures would be to those seen during the four-week national lockdown.

So, we decided to answer this question.

The Argus:

One of the biggest differences for people in Sussex will be the ability to meet people in outdoor areas.

Under lockdown, the government’s “stay at home” mantra made a reappearance, with people urged not to leave the house “except for specific purposes”.

These included the likes of food and medicine shopping, education, work and moving house.

People were only allowed to meet with one person from another household in an outdoor space.

Any gatherings of two or more households inside, or three or more people from different households in outside areas, were prohibited.

Under Tier 2 restrictions, meeting people from other households remains outlawed in indoor settings, unless they are in your household’s support bubble.

This includes private settings such as homes, and public settings including pubs and restaurants.

But people may now meet in groups of up to six in outdoor spaces, including public areas such as beaches and parks, as well as private gardens.

Breaking these rules can be punished by police with a fine of £200 for the first offence, doubling for each further offence up to £6,400.

If someone were to hold, or be involved in holding, an illegal gathering of 30 or more people, the police can issue fines of £10,000.

From today, shopping streets across Sussex are also likely to look far more vibrant than they have over the last month.

The Argus:

Under national lockdown, all non-essential retailers were forced to close.

Events industries such as cinemas, sports stadiums and more also had to close their doors to the public.

Hospitality venues had to shut, unless they were offering takeaway or click and collect services.

Essential retailers such as supermarkets were allowed to stay open, and could sell non-essential items.

Under Tier 2 restrictions, the majority of businesses can reopen, as long as they do so in a “Covid-secure” manner.

This includes, pubs, bars, shops and gyms.

Nightclubs and adult entertainment venues, however, must remain closed.

Pubs and bars may not provide alcohol to be drunk on the premises, unless it is served alongside a “substantial meal”.

They can serve alcohol on its own as a takeaway item.

Hospitality venues must stop taking orders after 10pm, and must close between 11pm and 5am.

They can continue to offer takeaway and delivery services after 11pm.

The Argus:

Visitor attractions, entertainment businesses and venues must also stick to the 11pm curfew.

Theatres, concert halls, music venues and sports stadiums are allowed to open, but crowds will be limited to 2,000 people or half their overall capacity - whichever is lower.

Another considerable difference between Tier 2 and lockdown restrictions are the rules on taking part in organised sport.

This was banned during lockdown.

But people can now take part in organised sport and physical activity outdoors with any number of people.

People can also take part in an unlimited amount of exercise outdoors or in gyms and other sports facilities.

If it is not a formally organised activity, people can only exercise outdoors in groups of up to six (or their household or support bubble), or indoors with their own households or support bubble.