A FAMILY in Hove have spent months making their annual Christmas display brighter than ever.

The house in Amberley Drive, Hangleton is well known for its extravagant lights and decorations.

And festive fanatic Michael Farnes was determined to make this year’s spectacle the best one yet.

He said: “Because we’re so popular, people have been asking for a while if we were going to put the display on but of course we will do it - it cheers it the children.

The Argus: Michael Farnes in the sleigh on display at his home.Michael Farnes in the sleigh on display at his home.

“We said we were going to switch them on December 1, but we had them ready about a week before.

“People kept knocking and asking when we were going to switch the lights on, so we decided to do it early.”

Michal and his wife Lyn first started decorating their home two years ago, starting small with just a modest string of fairy lights.

They have since gone on to transform their garden into a winter wonderland complete with snowmen, polar bears and dozens and dozens of Santa Clauses.

After people started throwing coins into their garden in a show of appreciation for the display, the couple decided to start collecting the money for charity.

The Argus: The family now give proceeds to animal charities. Photo by Camera Club member, Leah Parkes.The family now give proceeds to animal charities. Photo by Camera Club member, Leah Parkes.

All the proceeds this year are going to Beaks And Squeaks, an animal charity in Hove, Roger’s Wildlife Rescue in Brighton, the cat rescue centre called Kitty In The City in Brighton and the PDSA.

Michael said: “From year one we were buying more stuff each year and then someone started throwing money into the garden.

“Whenever we checked there was more and more money.

“We thought ‘that’s a bit weird’ so we bought a wishing well, installed it and that’s when we started taking money for the charities.

“We started off only getting a small amount of money, which was still great and it’s grown since.

“I always put out a thank you message to everyone donating.

“I put the show on, but it’s the people who donate that really make it.”

Last year the family raised £800, which they split evenly between the charities.

The house will be lit up in all its glory between the hours of 4pm-10pm daily, until January 3, 2021.

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