KATIE Price was left shrieking in panic when a rat leapt out from underneath a mobility scooter in her living room.

The former glamour model was seen screeching and holding her hands on her head as she searched for the rodent, which had been brought inside by her cat Hagrid.

The 42-year-old was joined by her boyfriend Carl Woods and her teenage daughter Princess as they tried to find the creature as it scuttled around the room.

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In a video shared on her “Adventures of Katie and Carl” YouTube channel today, Katie is seen lifting up sofa after sofa in search of the rat.

The Argus: Photos: YouTube/Katie PricePhotos: YouTube/Katie Price

But after a series of failed attempts to trap the rodent, Katie decided to move more furniture and stepped onto a mobility scooter.

When 13-year-old Princess pointed out the rat was hiding underneath the wheel arch, at first her mother did not believe her.

But as she lifted up the scooter the creature hurled itself across the room, causing chaos.

Writing in the video caption, Katie stated: “When the cameras were off the rat managed to run out the back door safely and unharmed. Since then we have cleaned and scrubbed the whole house from top to bottom.”

The Argus: Katie Price's 'mucky mansion' in SussexKatie Price's 'mucky mansion' in Sussex

Katie moved into a six-bedroom rented home in Surrey earlier this year after vowing never to return to her “mucky mansion” in Sussex.

But the I’m A Celebrity.... Get Me Out of Here star is reportedly “terrified” her new home is overrun with rats.

A source told The Sun: “There are hundreds of them trying to get into the house from outside - everyone thinks they’ve come over from a nearby garden centre which has rat problems, and have been attracted by the bins.

“It’s horrible and Katie’s terrified - the cat keeps bringing them in and it causes chaos. She’s complained to the landlord and hopefully they’ll sort it out.”