A RADIO DJ has warned that nightclubs could be “devastated” due to continued coronavirus restrictions.

It has been nine months since nightclubs turned off the music and closed their doors.

And although many businesses in Brighton, including pubs and bars, have been able to reopen under Tier 2 restrictions, nightclubs and adult entertainment venues must remain closed.

Radio DJ Jay McDougall said that Brighton’s late night economy and events industry, and all the jobs it creates, could be lost entirely.

He told The Argus: “What I think is most likely to happen is that the industry will suffer socially and financially.

“People might lose interest in careers and people have already had to leave jobs behind.

“I know a couple of DJs that didn’t have any income and have had to find other careers.

“There was also a huge government push to encourage people to look at different career paths.

“People will have to shuffle out slowly but surely, which will be devastating because it’s what so many people have built their lives on.”

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In November, the government announced its local restrictions support grant to help businesses that have been closed due to national restrictions.

This includes nightclubs, dancehalls and discotheques.

The grant is based on the rateable value of a property or venue and is available through local councils.

However businesses that have reopened as another type of venue, such as turning from a nightclub into a bar, are excluded from funding.

Jay, also known by his alias KXVU, has recently released a documentary looking at the ways in which nightclubs in Brighton have adapted during the pandemic.

He said: “The events companies I spoke to were very, very keen to try new things.

“They are trying a sort of socially distanced raving, not do it as a replacement, but to offer a different experience.

“For some DJs who have been able to play the shows it’s been a real release because it’s given them an opportunity to get back to work.”

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Jay expressed concern that in the absence of a plan to reopen nightclubs safely, there may be a rise in illegal raving activity and wants to see his industry recover before that happens.

He said: “We could start to see more and more things happening that shouldn’t, for example illegal raving.

“We might see people pushing back and that isn’t what anyone wants. All people want is to be able to go into these live environments as quickly as possible.”

To watch Jay's documentary, visit https://youtu.be/hy-5tJUy2JE