MORE than half of Brighton residents believe businesses should be "doing more" to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

According to research by hygiene specialists phs Group, 58 per cent of those surveyed in the city said greater measures should be taken within shops and other organisations to curb the risk of infection.

Just over a third of residents said they had experienced “inadequate” hygiene measures.

A total of 51 per cent said they had avoided indoor settings due to fears about catching Covid-19.

The study also found 64 per cent are concerned people will be less vigilant in following social distancing rules over the festive season.

David Taylor-Smith, chief executive of phs Group, said: “The research demonstrates the extent of concern consumers feel about spending time indoors and the risk of catching Covid-19 – so much so they are actively avoiding certain indoor premises and want organisations to do more to make them feel safer and combat the spread.

“Concerns over indoor air quality have been growing for some time. Scientists worldwide are pointing to the airborne risk of contamination and this urgently needs addressing to enable people to spend time in indoor settings more safely.

“Organisations using air purifiers are already converts in providing cleaner, fresher, healthier air.

“It is a difficult time for businesses right now. With so many premises hit again by closure, there are enough reasons for consumers to keep away - fears organisations are not doing enough to reduce the risk should not be one of them.”