THE recent headline on cycle lanes (Work to begin on more cycle lanes, Argus, December 23) was slightly misleading.

The work that will now start is planning and consultation rather than actual physical construction.

Indeed, there will now also be a consultation on the "temporary" Old Shoreham Rd cycle lanes as the Labour lead on the environment committee Cllr Gary Wilkinson points out in the article.

So, clearly, any extension to these cycle lanes will be dependent on the outcome of the consultation on the existing lanes.

It is also reassuring to see the consultation plan will try and reach residents without access to the internet by means of letters and questionnaires and the consultation plan says that "a range of consultation methods will be used to reach the widest range of people".

It is absolutely vital that all local residents are now given the opportunity to express an opinion on these lanes, whatever those views might be.

It will also be vital that the council act on the outcome of the consultation and that, if a majority of residents are against these lanes, then they should be removed. That's democracy.

Councillor Peter Atkinson

North Portslade