A LAST-DITCH bid to stop the EU free trade deal going through has been tabled by a Sussex MP.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was able to strike an agreement with the European Union after months of talks.

The 500 page agreement he reached with Ursula Von Der Leyen, the European Commission President, is set to be voted on in the UK Parliament today.

It is expected to be approved by the Conservative majority in the House of Commons.

But the Green Party’s Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas has put in a last minute motion against the agreement.

She says that the deal reached by Boris after Brexit has broken promises the Prime Minister made at the general election last year and in the EU membership referendum itself.

“This Brexit deal breaks promises made in 2016 & at last year’s election, it does not have the explicit informed consent of voters, it will leave the UK poorer and more isolated, and undermines the UK’s global influence, it should not be approved by Parliament,” Ms Lucas said.

Politics commentators are looking to Westminster today to see if there are any fears about the deal raised by Eurosceptic Conservative MPs, Labour, and other opposition parties.

Parliament has been recalled from its Christmas break to debate the Brexit bill in time for the deadline which will start on January 1.


The bill was published yesterday, and the government hopes to get it approved in just one day.

First, Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Ree Mogg and MPs had to approve plans to allow most politicians to connect to the sitting via video links on the “substantive” legislation.

The house can only accommodate 50 members at any one time for a sitting.

the debate has started in the House of Commons, and the Prime Minister is expected to speak during the debate, while Michael Gove will close the debate.

Caroline Lucas could be the only politician to vote against the deal, after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer ordered his MPs to vote in favour of the deal, dropping his former pledge to call for a second referendum.