HOW inspiring to hear about the progress towards the statue of one of Brighton’s own suffragettes, Mary Clarke.

It will be a real landmark for the city.

We have various statues of men, and (discounting two of Queen Victoria) a few unnamed female figures, like those around the Clocktower, but not a single memorial to real, named woman.

Mary Clarke is such a worthy person to be the first to represent the powerful suffrage movement here in Brighton.

These women fought so we could vote - imagine if they had not - and Mary died in that fight.

Nationwide women are woefully under-represented in civic statues.

About 85 per cent are of men, then roughly 12 per cent of nameless nymphs and allegorical angels, leaving a mere three per cent of real named women, honoured for their contributions to society.

That’s three per cent to represent 50 per cent of the population. We have a long way to go to achieve equality. 

It is that huge disparity that lead to the birth of the website based here in Brighton, which campaigns for change to fair representation of women in civic statues in the UK.

How heartening that Brighton is part of that change for the better.

Donations can be made at, or on the LocalGiving site, or the PayPal page.

Terri Bell-Halliwell

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