BUSINESSES are still waiting to see what the impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union will be.

New trading rules came into force after 11pm on New Year’s Eve, and firms and authorities in Sussex have been preparing.

Gatwick Airport has warned holidaymakers going to favourite destinations like Spain, Greece or other EU nations could face new checks.

At Newhaven Port the government has pledged £6.2 million to boost border facilities to allow proper customs checks to be made.

Meanwhile Shoreham motor engineering firm Ricardo said it has had to secure passes in the EU to allow the company to continue to operate and sell.

Ricardo said: “We have prepared for a range of possibilities for the outcome of trade negotiations between the UK and the EU and any disruption that may arise.

“We have been contracting customers directly through our European-based subsidiaries and we have secured a European accreditation route for our Rail business to supplement our existing UKAS accreditation, which will allow us to continue to offer our services across Europe.”

Some of the biggest changes will be for those seeking to travel this year, but Gatwick says holidaymakers will not notice much, if any, difference at UK airports.

The airport instead said passengers arriving in EU countries will have to use different queues at barriers, and could face questioning over their return tickets and also satisfy border officials that they have enough money to last them for the duration of their stay.

Gatwick Airport said: “We do not anticipate any disruption to flights when travel regulations to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein change.

“UK passengers will continue to be able to use Gatwick to travel to the EU and will not experience any changes going through security checks at the airport.

“UK citizens may however be subject to additional checks upon entering EU countries and may be asked to show a return or onward ticket or show that they have enough money for the duration of their stay to the Border Official.

“Passengers may also have to use separate lanes at immigration as EU fast-track lanes for passport control will no longer be open to British travellers.

“Inbound UK passengers will not experience any significant changes going through security checks at Gatwick and passengers will still be able to enter and leave using e-gates when travelling on a biometric passport.”