AN AXE was found after police appeared to stop a driver of a car following a chase.

Officers were seen overtaking vehicles in South Farm Road, Worthing at 7pm on New Year’s Day.

Witnesses said a “fat man in his mid 50s” was led to the back of a patrol car.

Inside the BMW convertible a large axe was allegedly found, and witnesses saw police remove it and put it on the roof of the vehicle before it was then put in an evidence bag.

Meanwhile two women dressed in onesies were believed to be passengers in the vehicle, and were seen having to walk home.

It is understood that the police seized the vehicle and images from the scene show an officer in the driver’s seat ready to take it away.

A witness who asked not to be named said: “I certainly was shocked to see an axe come out of it. Someone having a bloody great big chopper in their car is troubling.

“A driver was taken out of the car and put in the back of a police car before the officers searched the BMW and found the axe.

“The driver was a short, fat, fella in his mid 50s.

“Police had come down the road and overtaken cars, they shot around the corner and pulled over this car.”

The police were contacted for comment.