PLANS for a return of Clap for Carers during the third national lockdown have been slammed by readers of The Argus.

Annemarie Plas, the woman behind the Clap for Our Carers initiative has confirmed it will come back at 8pm this Thursday.

However, the announcement was greeted with disappointment from readers, with one labelling the act "utterly pointless".

The Clap for Carers began in March last year, where people across the UK stood on their doorsteps every Thursday evening to recognise the hard work of the NHS.

One reader told The Argus: "Clap for Carers? Only six households on my road of 50 houses even bothered, and then not every week.

"It is a good idea but instead, how about a 'proper pay for carers and the NHS' initiative from Government, rather than Clap for Carers?

The Argus:

"Why should the care sector be so poorly paid, it's only the big care groups that seem to make any money, the many carers I've spoken too over the years looking after a relative receive an absolute pittance compared to what their company charges, and always turn up in old bangers."

Another said: "It's an utterly pointless gesture.

"However, to those who like pointless gestures, it's a wonderful thing, so I urge them to participate."

Facebook user Chris Gilbert commented: "I am a keyworker and felt really proud when the nation clapped mine and all the others efforts.

"But the way people have been selfish in the last few months is disrespectful to all who continue working.

"I will not be joining in this time."

Another Facebook user, Ian Coomber said members of the public should clap for a "pay rise" instead.

While Adrian Boron said: "Paying the NHS staff a decent wage AND stop charging them to park where they work would be a good start and better than all the clapping."

Last year, Boris Johnson joined people across the country in thanking frontline healthcare workers who were going above and beyond to help treat victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

At the time a Downing Street spokesperson said: “Like millions of people across the country, the prime minister joined in the Clap for Carers this evening, to say thank you for the incredible efforts of the country's doctors, nurses and care workers."