Here we go again. Another few weeks’ lockdown at home. Let’s hope the weather warms up a little bit to allow us to get out into our own open spaces, whether that be a small balcony, patio or garden.

Fresh air and the beautiful first signs of spring are a reminder of the changing seasons and the promise of what’s to come. Depending on the Covid-19 situation by mid-February, let’s hope we can try and shake off the winter and a year like no other with the possibility of being able to visit a garden open for the National Garden Scheme’s 2021 Snowdrop Festival. If government rules allow, snowdrops can be viewed in five gardens across Sussex this year. On a wintry day there is nothing better than visiting a garden iridescent with one of the earliest flowering plants of the year. If they go ahead, all garden visits will require pre-booked tickets so keep an eye on their web site

The last couple of weeks have been exceedingly cold and to be honest, have not really inspired me to get out into the garden. I think the most I have managed is a walk up to the greenhouse every morning to check the overnight temperatures in the heated greenhouse.

The lowest is has fallen to so far is 3C.

That said, the garden has still been on my mind. Being able to look out on it from my desk means that I am still thinking and planning what I am going to do once the weather warms up and researching possible new plants to purchase to add to my ever-growing collection.

One thing I have done this week, is to remove the real Christmas tree from the house. Any readers who saw the publicity I had over the Christmas period on national TV with my decorations will appreciate the many hours I’ve had to spend packing everything away this week.

This year I only had a small, 5ft, real tree and it seemed such a shame to discard it when it still looked quite magnificent. So, I’ve decided to leave it in its stand, in the garden for a few weeks and put food on it for the birds. For those that need to get rid of their tree, there are 23 recycling points across the city where you can deposit your tree, all open until Monday, check the Brighton and Hove City Council website for all the details.

Lewes District Council have sites in Seaford, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Lewes which are open until the January 17 – just check the council’s website.

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